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September 27th, 2013


Jailhouse Rock, Volume One 


From The Vaults, Volume One!

CDs are $65 + s/h and will ship Monday, September 30th, so order now!

July 9th, 2013

 "King Creole, Volume One" is out now! Go to the Order page for details!


December 16, 2012!

"The '57 Christmas Album" is released!! Go to the Order page for details!

August 28th, 2012!

Quick announcement: 3CD discount price extended!!

Our pre-order price for the new CD (JAK121-1254) is no longer available now that the CDs are out, but that doesn't mean you can't get a deal when you order!

Order the two Sun/Hayride CDs when you order the new "Just Awesome Karaoke" release, and you'll get all three releases for just $130 + shipping and handling!

With competitor's karaoke prices at $8-$20 a track, that's 47 great tracks for LESS THAN $3 EACH!!

To order by Money Order (preferred), check, or PayPal, just CONTACT US!

August 10, 2012!

The CDs have finally arrived from the manufacturer - here are the first pictures:

All pre-orders (except those we'll see in Memphis) will have their CDs sent out tomorrow - Aug 11!

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered, your support is very important to us!

June 14, 2012!

The new CD release is ready for pre-orders!! And Just Awesome Karaoke is the only place that gives you the power to set the special pre-order price.
It all depends on the number of pre-orders we receive between June 19th and the release date (roughly the 5th of August). The pre-order price will already be $75
(which is $25 off the retail price of $100!), but with
your help, that price could be as low as $50, $40, or even $25!!! So the more you help us spread the word about this release,
and the more pre-orders you help us get, the more it helps you!

(note: to keep it simple and protect all buyers, price drops are given as money orders for the price difference, and are sent with the CDs when they ship.
This is solely for the buyers' benefit, as we make next to nothing on all order numbers above 400 after the price adjustment - but we're doing it just to
help bring the end price down for our pre-order buyers as a way to say thank you for supporting us!
For more details on how it works, contact us!

The goal of this idea is to show that, when we all work together, we can have a great price -
and STILL have a budget to make top-quality performance music.
That's why we call this "The Karaoke Revolution"!

Just Awesome Karaoke